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What Are Oyster Mushrooms? Buying, Cooking, and Recipes CLICK HERE TO BUY OYSTER MUSHROOM IN THE UK BACK TO TOP Oyster mushrooms, the common name for the species Pleurotus ostreatus, are one of the most common types of cultivated mushrooms in the world. They’re also known as pearl oyster mushrooms or tree oyster mushrooms. The


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MICRODOSING PSILOCYBIN MUSHROOMS Psilocybin: /3-(2-Dimethylaminoethyl)-1H-indol-4-yl/ dihydrogen phosphate C12H17N2O4P CLICK HERE TO BUY MICRODOSE IN THE UK OVERVIEW 01 Microdosing is the act of consuming sub-perceptual (unnoticeable) amounts of a psychedelic substance. Many individuals who have integrated microdosing mushrooms into their weekly routine report higher levels of creativity, more energy, increased focus, and improved relational skills,

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Ultimate Guide To Growing Magic Mushrooms In The UK   CLICK HERE TO BUY MAGIC MUSHROOM IN THE UK In recent years, the consumption of magic mushrooms has soared in popularity, largely thanks to many scientific studies revealing the vast health benefits associated with psilocybin consumption. Potential benefits include antidepressant effects, increased focus, energy, less dependency on

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Liberty cap: the surprising tale of how UK and Europe’s magic mushroom got its name BUY LIBERTY CAPS MUSHROOM IN THE UK The Conversation is funded by the National Research Foundation, eight universities, including the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Rhodes University, Stellenbosch University and the Universities of Cape Town, Johannesburg, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Pretoria, and South

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