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4 Easy Identified Edible Wild Mushrooms Growing In The UK.

how to identify edible mushrooms uk

Right now a lot of us go out on countryside jaunts. And walk by real culinary treasures without even realizing it. In this write up I’m going to cover a few mushrooms that are easy to identify and a joy to cook with. Now before gathering up these fungal delights. Try to keep in mind that there is a dark side of mushroom foraging.z that you must always be aware of. Growing fluent in identifying them is a must as Mother Nature. does not forgive mistakes in this category. A bad identification can kill. Having said this I’m going to outline a couple rules I go by:

edible uk mushroomsedible wild mushrooms ukuk edible mushrooms


1: If I’m not 100% positive with the identification I don’t pick it.

2: So, If it is growing in near proximity to a mushroom I can’t identify. I don’t pick it as toxic spores can contaminate an edible specimen leading to illness.

3: After over thirty years of mushroom hunting I still confirm the identification of my haul. when I get home against the internet and the many books I own on the subject. I pay extreme close to this rule when I’m going to be cooking for others as well. simple because at that point their trust and confidence as well as safety is in my hands.

So with that out of the way here is a short list of my favourite autumn diamonds of the fields and woodland.

Edible mushrooms uk

Parasol And Shaggy Parasol:

wild edible mushrooms ukedible mushrooms uk pictures

This is a serious delicious mushroom. It has a light chicken like texture and it responds well to frying in garlic and butter. When picked rely not only on your visual identification but also on your nose. This mushroom has a milky smell that is incredible distinct. And it possesses a flavor that is real and takes on a life of its own when cooked. I tend to find it in grasslands near woodlands and it’s incredible easy to spot simple because it’s huge. They can get up to 9 inches across and sometimes bigger. If you are new to foraging it is best to only pick specimens. That are full opened to prevent mistakes. And allow for a full positive identification. It does have two toxic look alikes. One is called the Baby Stinking Parasol which is easy to identify due too it being both small and well….. stinky. The other is the Panther Cap. Picture of the toxic wannabe doppelgangers below. Baby Stinking Parasol. Do Not Consume Or Pick:

edible mushrooms in uk

Panther Cap Do Not Pick:

edible mushrooms uk identify

Shaggy Ink Cap:

edible field mushrooms uk edible garden mushrooms uk

I love this mushroom. We can identify solid simple due to the ink like coloration around its skirting and shaggy cap. I sometimes pick them right before they open and cook them in a frying pan like mushroom drumsticks. A true treat to bring back from any walk. These guys found in grassy fields and pastures and are dead easy to spot from a distance. They have a poisonous twin that is incredible easy to tell apart simple due to the fact that it’s not shaggy. The standard ink cap is class as toxic and it is real, doesn’t like alcohol. That’s right, if you have had a drink the standard ink cap will knock you flat with illness. But its shaggy twin loves a good old glass of red wine and doesn’t grumble at tomato sauces made with white wine. Picture of the unfriend toxic fellow below. Poisonous Ink Cap. Do Not Pick:

edible white mushrooms uk

Amethyst Deciever:

edible mushrooms in the uk fly agaric edible mushrooms uk edible wild mushrooms uk pictures

This trippy looking little fellow is great fun to cook with as he keeps his crazy color through the process. I find he’s great fun to incorporate. With things like cod loin or monk fish as his colors real stand out against the white fish fillets. It always causes uncertain inspection and analysis from your dinner guest. They are a small mushroom found in cedar and oak woodlands. There is a poisons look alike called the Lilac Bonnet that if consumed in the right quantity can kill. It has a faint lilac hue found in roughly the same area as the Amethyst Deceiver. Yet it doesn’t own the deep vibrant Amethyst hue. Or structure of gills that the Amethyst deceiver does so it is easy to identify and stay away from. Pictures of this little reaper and harbinger of death featured below. Lilac Bonnet. Do Not Pick:

Penny Bun. King Of The Ceps:

how to identify edible mushrooms uk edible mushrooms uk october large edible mushrooms uk

This massive mushroom is a member of the prized Boletus family. That our beloved Porcine mushroom is a member of. It’s name comes from the brown bread hue it has and the fact that it’s roughly the size of a penny bunn. I have dried this noble fungi and used it in risottos months later. Picked fresh I have made cream sauces. That compliment things like polenta as well as chicken breast beautiful. In short, This mushroom doesn’t disappoint. It’s found growing in oak woodland. through the autumn and is incredible, easy to identify due to its massive size. There are a couple toxic members of this family but to mix them up you’d. They have to be determin as one smells like a corpse and the other actually has bitter in its name. Another common problem for the Penny Bun hunter is the maggot. We aren’t the only species that likes them and I’ve found beautiful specimens. Before that after close examination I see ridden with maggots underneath. When I find these I leave the specimen out on a log. Or in an area I know a squirrel will find it as the often snatch them up as well. This helps with spore distribution and aids in continuing the cycle of regrowth. I’ll list The Devils Bun and the Bitter Boletus below for identification purposes. Devils Bun. Do Not Pick:

edible wild mushrooms uk

Bitter Boletus. Do Not Pick:

edible uk mushrooms wild edible mushrooms uk

Well guys that’s it for now. I’ll be doing more mycology based write ups in the future. My intention is to do as many write ups as my knowledge. And foraging skill set will allow before compiling them all into a book listing on Steemit. For people to print off and use to practice and sharpen their foraging skills with. A lot of the things we used to know are being forgotten. Which is always deep and saddening so I hope by sharing I’ve sparked your interest in this life long hobby of mine. Thank you so much for reading the first part. please please please grow fluent in identifying the mushroom before you pick it. Feel free to ask me any questions and Steem on!
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Are there wild mushrooms in the UK?

Here is our guide to 10 of the most common wild mushroom species found in Britain. CLICK HERE each with a few key details of where they grow. characteristics and whether they are edible or poisonous. If you are unsure whether a wild mushroom is safe to eat or not, seek advice from an expert.

How many types of edible mushrooms are there in the world?

The sheer number of species there are in the world. If you’re interested in learning more about these special culinary fungi,. then we have the list for you. Below are 39 different types of edible mushrooms. Some of them you will recognize, but most of them, you’ve likely never heard of before.

Are all edible mushrooms uk safe to eat raw?

We recommend novice foragers cook all wild mushrooms as only a few are safe to eat raw. You use the information in this page at your own risk. Never use this site alone for fungi identification purposes. Always cross reference your identifications . with at least 3 reliable sources of fungi information.

How can you tell if a mushroom is edible?

Edible, with a strong mushroomy smell and bitter taste. Smooth, slender stem, tapering downwards. Deep, pink gills, then dark brown. A white cap than can discoloured brown. Was once very common, now harder to find due to agricultural chemicals and habitat lost.

How can you tell if a mushroom in edible UK?

Look for mushrooms with gills that are brown or tan.

While some mushrooms with white gills are edible. the most deadly and poisonous mushroom family—Amanitas—near, always have white gills. Select mushrooms without red on the cap or stem. Choose mushrooms with white, tan or brown caps and stems.

What mushrooms can you eat UK?

Some UK mushrooms are easy to identify so quite safe to eat. The Giant Puffball, Beefsteak Fungus. Porcelain Fungus, Cauliflower Fungus, Dryads Saddle, the Hedgehog Fungus. if you are very lucky the Truffle, Wood Ears (as long as they are growing on elder). And Chicken of the Woods (as long as it is not growing on a Yew …29 Apr 2014

What edible mushrooms uk are safe to eat UK?

The Giant Puffball is the safest mushroom for anyone to forage in the UK. There is nothing else in nature, not in the UK that grows into a foot wide white ball as shown in the photo above. When small and young they could be confuse with other puffballs. Or even Amanita or stinkhorn eggs.29 Jul 2015

Are the mushrooms in my garden edible UK?

You are not likely to find one in your lawn – it prefers to grow in woodland. There are over 15,000 species of fungus in the UK. … Lawn mushrooms are not generally poisonous to humans but as a precaution. it’s wise not to try eating them unless you are 100% sure that you can identify them accurate.

How can you identify a field mushroom in the UK?

They all have a stout white stem. Most or all actually have a skirt unless it’s brushed off will gotMore

What mushrooms can you pick and eat? CLICK HERE AND GET MORE

Where can I find wild mushrooms in the UK?

Look for local woods, fields, meadows And pasture, especially nature trails etc . Some fungi and mushrooms grow specifical in certain environments. Such as coniferous or broadleaf woodland only, or mixed woodland etc . Some fungi only grow in grassy habitats away from trees or in moss etc.

Does the UK have poisonous mushrooms?

Deadly webcap (Cortinarius rubellus)
A deadly poisonous fungus. It’s rare in the UK, but responsible for several deaths in Europe. … It includes flu-like symptoms, headache, vomiting, kidney failure and possible death. You’ll also get the same symptoms from its relative. the fool’s webcap (Cortinarius orellanus).5 Nov 2018
Can I eat the mushrooms growing in my garden?Luckily, a few types of wild mushrooms are edible. Morels (Morchella) and shaggy mane. Or inky caps (Coprinus comatus) are fine to eat. As are a type of chicken mushroom. Or sulphur shelf mushroom (Laetiporus sulphureus) and puffballs (Calvatia, Lycoperdon).23 Aug 2018

Where can I find mushrooms in the woods?

Usually, the mushrooms grow on the edges of wooded areas. especially around oak, elm, ash, and aspen trees. Look for dead or dying trees while you’re on the hunt too, because morels tend to grow right around the base. Another good place to check for mushrooms is in any area that’s been recently disturbed.9 Apr 2021

Are backyard mushrooms poisonous?

Poisonous wild mushrooms can grow on any lawn. And some of them resemble common edible mushrooms. … The clear majority of wild mushrooms aren’t poisonous. But it’s hard to tell the difference. And many poisonous mushrooms mascaraed as their edible counterparts.5 Apr 2018

Are parasol mushrooms edible?

Macrolepiota procera, the Parasol Mushroom, is a choice edible species. found on roadside verges, in neglected pastureland. And on grassy seaside cliffs in summer and autumn.

Are red top mushrooms poisonous?

Although classified as poisonous. reports of human deaths resulting from A. muscaria ingestion are extreme and rare. After parboiling twice with water draining. Which weakens its toxicity and breaks down the mushroom’s psychoactive substances. It’s eaten in parts of Europe, Asia, and North America.

How can you tell if a field mushroom is edible?

The points below will help you I dentify an edible mushroom field.
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Cap. White, sometimes discoloured grey/brown, can be scaley or smooth. …
Gills. Gills, starting deep pink and turning to dark brown. …
Stem. White and smooth above the ring, slight scaly below, tapering at the base. …
Skirt. Small, slight and not very long lasting.
Flesh. …
Habitat. …
Possible Confusion. …
Spore Print.

Can you eat shaggy parasol mushroom?

Shaggy parasol is edible – but only when cooked, and even then can cause stomach upsets in around one in 25 people.

How do you forage edible mushrooms uk?

Tips for Mushroom Foraging

Do not be afraid to use an app (such as Wild Edibles) or a book (such as The Complete Mushroom Hunter).
Don’t pull the mushrooms up by the roots; cut them.
shouldn’t take more than you plan to eat.
Be 100 percent certain of what you’re picking.

Are psychedelic mushrooms legal in UK?

Psilocybin and psilocin are illegal. To own, get or produce without an exemption or license. As they are schedule III under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

What does psychedelic mushrooms do to your brain?

Common Side Effects: Magic mushrooms known to cause nausea. yawning, feeling relaxed or drowsy, introspective experience, nervousness, paranoia, panic, hallucinations, and psychosis.

Wild Mushrooms (edible mushrooms uk)

Along with many people, find wild mushrooms absolute fascinating, more so than plants. It’s because you could walk the same route every day for a year and sudden. out of the blue, there’s a huge patch of mushrooms where you’ve never seen them before. It’s like magic – where on earth have they appeared from, what are they, wonder if I can eat them, they look delicious.

It turns out the thing that makes them magical is what makes them eve ore difficult to identify. With plants we can view them throughout the year and throughout the seasons. On this same walk we’ve taken every day for a year I’ve walked past a patch of nettles everyday. So I’ve become very well accustomed to how they appear and how they look. Whereas these mushrooms have appeared. I have somewhere between 2-10 days to figure out what it is and get familiar with it. This makes our job as mushroom hunters a lot more difficult.

There is a couple of great tricks to identifying wild mushrooms. Especially from a wild food or foraging perspective. As you get a little more confident you can start to bend. And break some of the rules that guaranteed your safety as a beginner. But by this stage you should be getting very confident with mushroom features. you are looking out for. I will discuss these features in more depth. in another blog post called – Identifying edible mushrooms.

For now I will talk about a couple of my favourite wild edible mushrooms – in order of my favourite:

Cep, Porcini or Penny Bun

(edible mushrooms uk)

This is a classic mushroom and I kind of wish I had a more obscure fungi as my favourite. But this one real does get its praise for a reason. If you were to buy these in the shops. If it’s labelled dried porcini then it definitely is only porcini.

But if it’s labelled dried ceps then actually you could be eating any edible mushroom from the family of boletes. Which we will talk a little more on in y boletes blog post. – but up here I would also include mushrooms such as Orange and brown birch boletes.

The reason the cep or penny bun is my favourite wild mushroom is because:

It’s a good size – it’s actually worth picking, one mushroom can often feed two people
Chunky – no parts of the mushroom are hollow
Cooks well – if you get your frying pan hot before adding the mushroom.
Will crisp instead of dropping all its water. like you sometimes see when cooking mushrooms
Tastes amazing! – It has a strong mushroom flavour with undertones of nuttiness. It can make a simple dish like a risotto or pasta taste amazing.

For more information on how to identify the penny bun click here

For more information on what to cook with the porcini click here

Scarlet Elf Cap (edible mushrooms uk)

This may seem a bit out there to have the scarlet elf cap so high up. On this list since it doesn’t actually have much flavour, but what it lacks in flavour in makes up for, in masses, in its look. The main reasons I like the Scarlet Elf cap are:

Has a vibrant pink/red colour which doesn’t diss colour on cooking

Grows in a cup shape so you can fill it easy with exciting liquids like elderberry port

It grows at a time of year when there’s very few other fungi around

Easy to find, due to its bright red colour it’s actually very easy to find as it stands out like a sore thumb.

When it comes to cooking I add this little gem in to loads of things. My favourite is to salt pickle it and add it raw on top of other cooked foods. It can go on top of anything savoury – it will bring a boost of colour to the dish and finishes off a course. It can candied and used in the exact same way but on top of desserts.

For more information on how to identify the Scarlet Elf cap click here

For more information on what to cook with the scarlet elf cap click here

Jelly Ear (edible mushrooms uk)

Again this one may seem a little strange to be so high up on the list. Most people regard this mushroom as edible but don’t do a vast amount of cooking with it. I can see why when most references of its use within western cooking see it used for thickening soups. Do not thicken soups with this mushroom. Unless you enjoy eating something that has the texture of wall paper paste. But when you start adding it to stir fry, wontons and both fried or fresh spring rolls it starts to come in to its own. The reasons I like this mushroom are:

It’s very easy to identify. – if you can identify an elder tree you are certain to be able to find this mushroom. as the edible mushrooms almost always grows on the wood of elder

Can dehydrate and rehydrate perfect – making it easy to store and allowing you to play around with is as a food

It can be use in savoury and sweet food

Found growing in enough

From a food perspective I often dehydrate the majority of these mushrooms as and when I find them. When it comes to cooking I slice them. And add them in to stir fry’s, inside wontons, and in both fresh and fried spring rolls. What has pulled this mushroom so far up this list is because you can make amazing sweets out of it. rehydrate it in something flavoured like orange liquor. Then freeze it, dip it in melted chocolate and serve on top of desserts. MADNESS – Orange liquor flavoured, frozen chocolate mushroom.

For more information on how to identify jelly ear mushrooms click here

For more information on what to cook with jelly ear mushrooms click here

Chanterelle and Winter Chanterelle

I shouldn’t have grouped both the chanterelle and the winter chanterelle together but I have. They’re here and on a par for me for different reasons. The chanterelle is here because it has the best flavour of the two. Whereas the winter chanterelle is here. Because it grows after frosts giving me a flavoursome mushroom later in the year. If anyone is looking specific for chanterelles and keeps thinking – I’m never going to find any. I thought the exact same thing when I was looking for them around all the woods I could think of in Cheshire. Take a trip to Scotland and your luck will change quite quick – they’re everywhere. On a 3 week trip to Scotland I found them on the first day and most days after. The main reason I like these mushrooms are:

They’re easy to identify. – since they don’t have true gills. they have folds, looking a little like a raison this puts you straight to this family of mushrooms.

Usually grow in large amounts


For more information on how to identify chanterelle or buy CLICK HERE. And winter chanterelle CLICK HERE

For more information on what to cook with chanterelle click here. and winter chanterelle click here

Chicken of the Woods

Although Chicken of the woods isn’t for everyone. (it will give some people an upset stomach) I do enjoy eating it. My no1 favourite way to enjoy chicken of the woods is fried with bacon lardons. Then serves in a Caesar style salad – simple and tasty. But a recipe I’ve also come up with gives us a way to use chicken of the woods. Even when it’s a little too old for enjoyed fried off and that’s chicken of the woods pate. The main reasons I like this mushroom:

When you find one you do find one – usually around 2-4kg

Can be use when young and old

It’s the easiest mushroom ever to identify

For more information on how to identify chicken of the woods click here

For more information on what to cook with chicken of the woods click here

So that’s it my short list of edible Wild Mushrooms. – of course there’s plenty more out there. So why not check out our foraging fungi section. To get some key identification features for your next mushroom forage.

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